Free Private Cities Architecture Online Symposium 2020

Free Private Cities Architecture Online Symposium 2020 Liberland

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Free Private Cities Architecture Online Symposium 2020

THIS IS A FREE EVENT! The event website opens for public registration on June 15 2020: https://freeprivatecitiesarchitecture….

JULY 18 2020 | 8am CST | 1pm GMT

TOPICS: Freedom and Urban Design, Cities and the Digital Transformation, Complex Epigenetic Systems, Blockchain, Decentralization, Artificial Intelligence, and much more. Topics relate to the agenda of Liberland Design Competition 2020.

SPEAKERS: Patrik Schumacher, Titus Gebel, Shajay Bhooshan, Scott Beyer, Philippe Morel, Sanford Kwinter, Vera Kichanova, Lev Manovich, Neil Leach and more.

FREE REPUBLIC OF LIBERLAND: Vit jedlicka, Liberland Design Competition 2020

Free event via Zoom. Live stream on YouTube. Register to receive details.

Curators | Daniela Ghertovici + Bruno Juricic

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AGENDA – Moments of crisis present opportunities to advance radical disruptive innovations. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we have the opportunity to rethink the values and agendas driving urban and architectural design. Free Private Cities offer a radical new vision for cosmopolitan habitation. Can new possibilities for liberty and an unleashed free market economy powered by blockchain stimulate a radical transformation of the built environment? The topics of discussion in this symposium are affiliated with issues that stem from the agenda of Liberland Design Competition 2020. We will explore a wide gamut of theoretical and speculative trajectories about the design of cities for a highly agile and technologically networked society of the 21st century.

The symposium will open with three keynote speeches by Patrik Schumacher, Titus Gebel and Shajay Bhooshan, followed by two sessions that will each include short presentations, concluding in group debates. The symposium will end with a round-table debate that will include all the speakers, followed by Q&A. There will be a half hour intermission with brief presentations on private cities around the world and the inauguration of a new digital platform. See the Schedule below for details. The session participants and topics are a follows:

Participants: Scott Beyer, Vera Kichanova, Patrik Schumacher, Titus Gebel, Shajay Bhooshan.

Discussion will focus on freedom, private cities, charter cities, market urbanism, liquid democracy, economics, markets, distributed intelligence, blockchain powered governance and services, urban and architectural design for free private cities, the migration of architecture to cyberspace, and more.

Participants: Lev Manovich, Philippe Morel, Neil Leach, Sanford Kwinter.

Discussion will focus on big data, cultural analytics, planetary scale computation, terraforming, complex epigenetic systems, soft systems, artificial life and intelligence, biology as information theory, virtual reality, augmented reality, internet of things, blockchain, robotics, and more.

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