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How to become a citizen of Liberland

Do you want to become a citizen of Liberland? Liberland is accepting applications for citizenship, however, please be informed that citizenship is not automatic. Neither Liberland citizenship certificates nor are Liberland passports given out to the general public at the present time. Those who qualify for citizenship will receive information when Liberland is ready to begin its citizenship process. 

Liberland accepts individuals who:

  • have and show respect for other people, respect the opinions of others, regardless of their race, ethnicity, orientation, or religion
  • have and show respect for private property ownership 
  • have not been convicted of any serious criminal offences (violent crimes, fraud, and the likes)

We also ask all potential Liberland citizens to familiarize themselves with: 

  • understanding the Liberland principles of individual liberty and economic freedom
  • all news and progress as well as attending our events as much as possible 
  • the Liberland organization, and your country’s local Liberland representative office. By involving yourself with your local Liberland representative offices, you also demonstrate your support and desire to help Liberland as a whole. Together, we are powerful and together, we can move things forward (If your country does not have an official Liberland representation, qualified candidates may be considered for the position)
  • your own country’s lawmakers and diplomatic officials and present the case for Liberland’s statehood to them. Please send us a copy of your communication along with any official responses

Please take note again that citizenship is not automatic and is not free for the asking. Please patiently wait until the selection process is in place. If you would like to help Liberland advance in some manner (in diplomacy, commercial relations, legal representation, cryptocurrency, public relations, technology, etc) please contact us. You may also consider donating to our efforts; your donations will also be converted into Liberland Merits, giving you the opportunity to also own and acquire Liberland Merits before our ICO. The 5000 Liberland Merits  (which is non-refundable) goes towards citizenship, this is equivalent to 5000 USD. Upon receipt of the above minimum amount, a set of documents are required to make sure you are eligible and meet the criteria as set out by Liberland. When we are ready to process the citizenship, all those that have the minimum amount will be contacted. 

Liberland Passport: Liberland is currently not giving out paspport to the general public as of this time. We are also not giving out the passport for free. All those that have signed up and registered with us will be notified when we are ready to process this. 

To secure your Liberland Merits donate here:

How to apply? Fill out this online application form: Citizenship application